Welcome! I’m Jen! During most of my days, I am a mom to the most fantastic 4 year old on the planet.  I consider myself a busy body…I just can’t sit down! I love to do anything crafty and I love to travel.  I currently teach middle school, coach a travel 16’s volleyball team, a varsity high school team, and have lot of other duties that I fulfill on  daily basis.  I started my journey just by simply creating things for the people that I love and for myself.  Having a career in which this applies, and having a daughter really played into my evolution of what I wanted to do and how to really create something special.  This passion eventually turned into something that I wanted to share with everyone else.  Hey, you love what you do, right? Please take a look around and enjoy!


e-mail: linthicumja@gmail.com

phone: 540-424-7032

facebook: www.facebook.com/jenniferann.tickledpink

etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TickledPink2015

instagram: jenny1686

twitter: maddysmom6


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